In The Market??

When looking for a photographer, it’s a tough decision.  In a saturated market, you want to find the best photographer with the best deal.  You ask around, look on Facebook and Instagram, or you might even head over to good ol’ Google to see what you can find.  There are so many photographers, and you become overwhelmed.  But I ask that you think about something.  What do you TRULY want from a photographer?


In the past 7 years of being in this industry, I’ve found my views of my business have changed.  Not just my ‘why’, but what I offer my clients.  Let me share with you what you can experience with Lemondrop Portraits, and then stay tuned for a 3 part series on booking with Lemondrop Portraits.

In the Market?

Whether you’re wanting to book a newborn session or milestone session, there is one thing you need to remember.  Book early.  I’m not a photographer that shows up to your session to meet you for the first time.  To provide you with the upmost service and products, I want to get to know you.  I don’t want to have to ask questions at the session.  The session is time to produce the beautiful portraits you have invested in.  So, in order to set aside plenty of time to schedule a pre-session consultation and the actual session, contact me early on!  I can’t guarantee that I can meet within a week’s time of the consultation and the session.


Please join me in 2019 for my 3-part series on the session process with Lemondrop Portraits!


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