Preparing For a Newborn Session

I can remember the day we found out we were pregnant with our first child. The emotions and the excitement can’t be described. The thoughts “Our life is going to change!” “Nine months seem like an eternity” and the popular “What are we going to name this child??” You probably had those thoughts in the first five minutes of finding out the joyous news. Have you considered documenting the first few days of life with a newborn session?

Yes, your life will change. Only for the better! No, nine months is not an eternity and it goes by SO fast. Names? Take your time on that one! That perfect name will come to you.

Let’s go back to the thought of “Nine months seems like an eternity!”. My friend, it doesn’t drag by. It goes by so fast. Between sharing the news, belly bump pictures every week….maybe every day, it really does go by fast.

Preparing your baby for a newborn session with Lemondrop Portraits

I beg you of this one thing: please don’t wait until your baby arrives to decide if you want newborn portraits. Newborn portrait photographers, like me, want to meet you and discuss your vision before your baby arrives. That gives both parties plenty of time to prep for the session.

What To Do on the Day of Your Session

A lot of new moms think that preparing their baby for the newborn session takes a lot of work. Guess what? It doesn’t! You get to spend a ton of time with your baby the morning of your session. And you’re already doing that anyway! We are just adding a few extra things.

I usually schedule my newborn sessions around 10 am in the morning. That gives the parents plenty of time to get up, rest a bit, and then prep for the session. The first thing you want to do is to keep your baby awake a good hour before the session. This can’t be quite challenging, but I always suggest to the parents to use a wet rag and rub their feet and belly. If they sleep all morning before the session, it will be very challenging to get them to sleep in the session.

Next, give your baby a bath. At 7-10 days old, many of them can only take sponge baths. That’s okay! A bath helps soothe and relax baby for the next step. It also gets keeps them nice and awake for the feeding.

Preparing your baby for a newborn session with Lemondrop Portraits

After the bath, give them a full feeding. And again, keep them awake during this feeding. This ensures they take a full feeding. During the portrait session, the longer the baby sleeps, the more time I have to capture those posed images.

Next, head out to my studio as soon as possible! But first, have your baby dressed in button up pj’s! This makes the transition to changing them into the selected outfit easy and they usually sleep right through it!

And just like that, you have your baby prepped for their session. Now it’s my turn to do the hard part, but the part I love the most! Your baby will be sound asleep and I’ll be able to work quickly and efficiently!

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