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You’re in the market for a photographer. It’s stressful finding the right photographer. There’s one at every corner these days. You have no clue what to look for. Do you go with a friend’s favorite photographer? How do you know what to look for? Well, my friend, let me help you. Have you considered meeting with several photographers with a consultation?

Everyone wants portraits to put on their walls. Some just want a quick picture to put in a frame, others want to go all out from coordinating outfits to purchase portrait products for the home. But how do you know what a photographer offers? Sure, you can read their website, but the website isn’t the person behind the camera.

I highly recommend booking a consultation with a photographer. That’s why I always require my prospective clients book a consultation with me. Why? There are a few main reasons why I like to meet with prospective clients at a consultation.

We get to meet before the session. Have you ever showed up to a session to meet your photographer for the first time? Yah…I used to do that. We spent the first 15 minutes asking each other questions. The session took place, and then the clients left. And that was the last I saw of them. It was no way my clients fault for that. It was mine. Now, I get to know my clients. At the consultation, we discuss what they truly want at the session and what my clients want to do with those portraits.

You get to see the studio. I know how scary it would be to walk into a place of location with my new baby to meet someone for the first time. Some think that’s not a great situation this day and age. With my consultations, you get to visit the studio before even booking. You get to see what I offer in terms of props. The best part: you get to go through my props and choose what you want in your session. You won’t walk in to see a set up you hate.

We build a relationship. The most important part of my business is to build lasting relationships with my clients. I want to help be the storyteller in a family’s home with beautiful portraits, whether it be a maternity portrait session or a milestone portrait session.

I know exactly what you want. You’re investing money into a portrait session. Of course, your ideas and suggestions are the most important when planning your session. This also gives us more time at the session to capture those special moments instead of talking details!

If family portrait sessions are important to you, find a photographer that offers that extra time with you. Investing some extra time will bring huge benefits to the outcome of your portraits.

To book a consultation with me, click below! No obligation to book..just stop by and see what I offer and let me get to know you!

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