Booking a Consultation|Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

You’re in the market for a photographer. It’s stressful finding the right photographer. There’s one at every corner these days. You have no clue what to look for. Do you go with a friend’s favorite photographer? How do you know what to look for? Well, my friend, let me help you. Have you considered meeting with several photographers with a…
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Family Newborn Session |Fort Worth Photographer

This sweet family from the metroplex hired me to be their DFW newborn photographer and I loved every bit of this session. What helped with how well this session ran was the planning before the session. Mom booked a complimentary consultation with me weeks before her due date. And man, it made all the difference in the world! I encourage…
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Lliana-Fort Worth Milestone Photography

Remember this beautiful baby? She’s not a stranger to my social media sites and this website! Now look at her!? When her mom reached out to me and requested that I finish out her first year portraits, I was so excited. Mom and I used to teach together so it was such an honor for her to ask me to…
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Preparing For a Newborn Session

I can remember the day we found out we were pregnant with our first child. The emotions and the excitement can’t be described. The thoughts “Our life is going to change!” “Nine months seem like an eternity” and the popular “What are we going to name this child??” You probably had those thoughts in the first five minutes of finding…
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The Best of 2018

I’m having a hard time believing that 2018 is almost over.  I swear, the older I get, the faster the years go by.  Growing up, I felt like each year lasted an eternity.  Now, I stop and ask myself “Where is the time going??”  This year has definitely been a rollercoaster for sure.  There were many days where I ran…
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In The Market??

When looking for a photographer, it’s a tough decision.  In a saturated market, you want to find the best photographer with the best deal.  You ask around, look on Facebook and Instagram, or you might even head over to good ol’ Google to see what you can find.  There are so many photographers, and you become overwhelmed.  But I ask…
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